Technologies Solid-ICT

Solid-ICT always utilizes the most effective technologies and methods in order to engineer the most effective software solutions.

In every project we develop, the first step is to decide on the technologies and methods to craft the components of a project. This is a crucial step as virtually all projects require both internal and external integrations, and some of these integrations need to be developed after the project is completed.

With this in mind, for each project we put ourselves in our customer’s shoes and engineer our solutions both to answer current requirements and to easily adapt to requirements that could arise in the future.

Below you can find the list of the technologies that are preferred bu our team frequently:

Server-Side Technologies
  • Java Enterprise Edition
  • GlassFish App Server
  • Jetty App Server
  • JAX-WS (Metro Reference Implementation)
  • JAX-RS (Jersey Reference Implementation)
  • Spring DI
  • Spring MVC
  • Hazelcast
  • ORMLite & jDBI
  • Apache Shiro
  • Jackson
  • Thymeleaf
  • Google Guava
Client-Side Technologies
  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • Reactive
  • Java
  • HTML 5 + CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
  • jQuery & jQuery Mobile
  • AngularJS
Database Technologies
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle DB
  • MS SQL Server

  • Redis
  • MongoDB
  • Java Enterprise Backend
  • iOS (iPhone & iPad)
  • Android
  • Web 2.0