Commerce Solutions

Commerce solutions provide the very backbone of online & mobile commerce that is becoming today's mainstream medium. Through these solutions, suppliers and customers are able to interact instantly and on the go, in line with today's constantly evolving business practices and landscape

When our end-to-end commerce solution is implemented, the following advantages can be realized:

● Integration with a variety of payment services

● Accurate and detailed product information

● Ability to truly analyse and act upon customer behaviour

● Multi-platform coverage

● Highly secure payment infrastructure

● Messaging and Push Notification support

● User experience tailored for commerce by a team of experts

● Personalization and targeting with our recommendation engine infrastructure

Content Platforms & Digital Channels

Virtually all online traffic is, in one way or another, related to the generation and consumption of content. Our content management solutions offer effective ways to manage content both for original content creators and large content aggregators. Being a vertical service provider Solid-ICT provides an all around content management solution available on a variety of platforms realizing:

● Reduction in operational costs for managing content

● Ability to associate structured data with content

● Moderation of user generated content

● Audit logs for editors

● Robust & reliable infrastructure

● User experience tailored by a team of experts

Entertainment Platforms

Reading magazines, playing games, and other similar recreational activities have all moved to the mobile medium. Solid-ICT delivers tailor-made products for such purposes and they all share the following characteristics:

● Highly user-friendly

● Designed in accordance with platform needs

● Available to integrate with any kind of monetization technique

● Appealing and highly interactive

Utility Platforms

Utility applications have taken a lead role in people’s everyday lives. Now, they’ve started their ascent in the business world taking the form of helpful tools used for all purposes and needs. Solid-ICT analyses and builds such utility applications that are:

● Designed specifically for a purpose

● Easy to use

● Integrated with other supplementary services

● Stable and trustworthy in calculations

● Resource saving